Four downs: Looking to the future?

Each week Sean Adams takes a look at some topics around the Texas Longhorns and college football.

First down: Who knows what 2013 looks like?

Texas coach Mack Brown, alumni, former players, local media and national media have all pointed toward 2013 and 2014 as the years when the Texas Longhorn football program should be loaded at every position. The whole program should have great depth and have impact players on both lines.

With all that said, getting to 2013 is proving to be harder than most expected. David Ash was named the starting quarterback to start the season and for the most part has been successful. He did not play well against Oklahoma, Kansas or TCU. The team was able to overcome the play and win the game against a bad Kansas team. His play, when bad, has been really bad. He still has the most upside of anyone who we have seen play but he also carries a fear for the Texas fan base.

I have long held the contention that no matter how great the other parts of the football team were, the 2013 team would not be championship caliber if it did not finish 2012 with one entrenched quarterback.

On Monday David Ash, who is listed as questionable for the Kansas State game, received a marginal vote of confidence from Brown.

“I think David’s got a chance to be really good in the future,” Brown said. “Case [McCoy] has done a good job coming off the bench and hopefully Case will do well this weekend.”

When asked again if David Ash would be his quarterback in 2013, Brown said sharply, “I see David being a good player for the future.”

Second down: What is still out there for Texas?

I wanted to play in the NFL. When I figured out I wasn't good enough, I had to adjust my goals. I wanted to be a doctor but when I figured out that I wasn't smart enough my goals changed again. I wanted to date a lot in college but when I remembered that I wasn’t very cute, I had to concentrate on finding one woman that would put up with me.

We have to adjust our goals a lot in our lives and Texas has had to adjust its goals and expectations a lot for this football team and program. It’s the old saying "When you’re going through hell, keep going."

On Monday Brown said, “We have a chance to win 10 games. We are in a better place than we were this time last year even after a disappointing loss.”

Teams in the middle of hard times have to reach for goals too. Texas is no different than any other team from Alabama to Florida to USC. When it lost its goals and expectations were changed for the season.

What Texas is talking about right now is all they can talk about. After the season is over, then it will have a chance to look back at it from a holistic perspective.

Third down: Do 10 games really matter?

Should it even be the goal? Ten wins would be more than the 8 wins from 2011.

It is pretty apparent that the goal or at least the adjusted goal for the 2012 Texas team is to get back on track with 10 wins in a season.

“This is a big game for us,” said safety Adrian Phillips. “It’ll give us a chance to win our ninth game. We still want to end with 10 wins this season. This game is big and it also gives us an opportunity to knock off a Top 10 team.”

I surely think that winning 10 games matters but the question will be is that enough. Teams play 13 games including the bowl games and people have to ask themselves if averaging 10 wins or getting to 10 wins is enough for them.

It was an amazingly impressive streak when Texas was doing it but it also brought two conference championships and a national championship.

Texas seems a long way from a conference championship. They are so far from a national championship that my fingers ache just typing it.

Fourth down: Adams’ Big 12 Power Poll

  1. Oklahoma (No. 1 last week): It pulled out a win at home against Oklahoma State and stays on top.

  2. Kansas State (3): I bet it can’t wait to get to Texas on Saturday.