Chat wrap: William Wilkerson

HornsNation's William Wilkerson hosted our weekly chat. Here's some of the best from Tuesday's chat:

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Jaston (Lubbock, Texas)

Which O-lineman will man will commit first, Andrew Billings or Caleb Benenoch?? Which one do you think is better?? My opinion is Billings because he is super strong and has good feet and can move well.. Your thoughts??

William Wilkerson

Both players really like Texas. So the Longhorns do have that going for them. But they've also got several other teams to fight off for both prospects, who have seen their stock rise in the last month(s). I believe Benenoch is more of a Texas lean than Billings, but not by much. As for who is better, I'd give the slight edge to Billings. I really like the power he possesses. And, if there is one knock on Caleb that I have heard, it is that his feet aren't the best. I haven't seen him in person yet. But that's what I've been told.

HotStuff Mcgee (Austin, Tx)

What does this T&Z position consist of? Do you have anymore details of what daje and dj would be doing?

William Wilkerson

This position is still in the very beginning stages so there isn't too much to tell other than what Mack told us at his press conference last week. That was basically that a new position has been created with the hopes that it would get players like D.J. Monroe and Daje Johnson more involved in the offense. Brown loves both player's abilities to be game-changers. They will line up in some mixture of tailback and 'Z' WR. As more info becomes available we will get it to you.

Darrell (Cypress, Texas)

Does Texas have the nations best starting DE's in the country?

William Wilkerson

I believe it is a toss up between Texas (Okafor and Jeffcoat) and LSU (Mingo and Montgomery). I'd hate to be the quarterback going against either one of those lines. The interior of Texas' DL should be a lot better than it was last season, especially deeper, so that should really help Okafor and Jeffcoat's case.