Roundtable: Potential Coliseum upgrades

One thing everyone agrees on is that the Coliseum needs new seats. Kirby Lee/US Presswire

With the news coming out that USC will be managing the Los Angeles Coliseum, what are the first three improvements you would make to the Grey Lady?

Garry Paskwietz

1. New seats. The current seats in the stadium are old and past their prime, so the first move should be made with the comfort of the fans in mind.

2. Improved concessions and restrooms. This is right in line with fan experience, too. These are the kind of facilities which can be upgraded relatively quickly, and they will have a big impact on how a fan enjoy the game.

3. Include tailgate area within Sports Arena grounds. The current plans are to build a soccer stadium on the site, hopefully with additional underground parking and a dedicated area for tailgating.

Greg Katz

1. I would immediately replace all seats with the upper and lower third of the Coliseum in cardinal and the middle section in gold. Each seat would have an easy access cupholder.

2. I would tear down the Sports Arena and create a super parking structure or more grass and benches for tailgate opportunities, or build a state of the art "Trojans Sports Bar" that would be the ultimate eating and drinking spot for fans.

3. I would surround the outer portions of the Coliseum with larger than life statues of great Trojans athletes who have performed in this historic venue. If you need an example, it would be along the lines of the John McKay statue in the front of the John McKay Center.

Johnny Curren

1. Knock down the Sports Arena and increase parking. With the USC basketball teams now playing home games at the Galen Center, and the Clippers having moved down the road to the Staples Center years ago, there simply isn’t much of a reason to keep the aged Sports Arena around. The parking situation on game day has never been especially good, but it could improve if the committee decided to use that space for parking, particularly if a multi-level complex was constructed -- similar to the one currently located just outside the California Science Center.

2. Remove the Sun Deck. The Sun Deck, located just beyond the east end zone, has always looked out of place, appearing to be more suited for the viewing of a local high school game than one involving one of college football’s most storied programs. It would be a positive move if it was removed, with permanent seating taking its place. And while they’re at it, why not move the band back to the sideline under the student section?

3. New seats. With USC finally in control, it would be a pleasant sight to see the current seats replaced. Faded, cramped and in some cases flat-out broken, they certainly don’t add anything to the game day experience in terms of comfort or aesthetics.