Putting together the ultimate USC draft

WeAreSC staff members recently got together to hold a draft of all-time USC greats. Each staff member selected a starter at all 22 offensive and defensive positions, along with a kicker, punter and a head coach for a total of 25 picks.

The four staff members -- Garry Paskwietz, Johnny Curren, Steve Bisheff and Greg Katz -- have more than 150 combined years of watching USC football, so there was a good breadth of experience in picking the teams. The draft order was held in a snake fashion, with picks 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1, etc. Curren selected first, followed by Paskwietz, Katz and Bisheff.

As you will see when the teams are posted on Tuesday, the draft strategies provided by each staff member were varied. Some went offense early, some went defense. One even went with a head coach in the first round. The initial rounds are filled with names that will be familiar to any USC fan reading the story but some of the later picks could surprise, as some positions were harder to fill than others.

For instance, if you’re asked to pick eight offensive tackles (each staffer gets to pick two), you will probably come up with a pretty consensus list that includes names such as Anthony Munoz, Ron Yary and Tony Boselli. But try putting together eight similar names for the cornerback position. There are some talented athletes to be sure, but it’s a lot harder coming up with traditional names that stand alone at the top of the list.

That’s what makes a draft like this interesting. When you’re going through the annals of USC football history there are some amazing names competing for draft spots. Some will naturally make the list, some will surprise and some will be left out altogether. Stay tuned on Tuesday for the unveiling of our choices.