Will Trojans draw crowd at home?

Coming off a disappointing season, can the USC Trojans count on the fan support it has received in previous years? Cal Sport Media

The USC Trojans return to the Coliseum on Saturday night for their 2013 home and Pac-12 opener against a re-energized Washington State program. While all eyes will be again on the Trojans’ quarterback situation, attention also should be focused on Coliseum attendance.

Between the Trojans surprising struggle in victory at Hawaii and last year’s disappointing 7-6 mark, there is still apprehension and uncertainty coupled with a wait-and-see attitude among the L.A. masses. No question, however, that when the Trojans are on their game and fan excitement is there, they are like a professional team in a NFL-less city and the Coliseum is full.

Last year, buoyed by a preseason No. 1 ranking, USC saw an 18 percent bump in attendance from 2011. But without that excitement for 2013, the Trojans need a fast start to keep people coming out to the Coliseum.