Pac-12's Top 25 players: Your turn!

Your faithful Pac-12 reporters have completed their Top 25 player countdown. Nine out of 10 doctors said it was awesome.

But there's always that 10th doctor, isn't there? I suspect a few of you are that 10th doctor.

So, in the name of democracy, freedom and general awesomeness, the Pac-12 blog has decided to again let your voices ring over this great nation with our annual "Make Your Own Pac-12 Top 25 Players List."

[I was humming "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" as I typed that.]

Submit your lists here.

But, please, make sure you explain some of your thinking, such as why you included or left out players from our list. Or why you ranked a guy higher or lower than we did. Last year, some folks offered some pretty good insights, including, you might recall, Rick Neuheisel of the Pac-12 Network, who provided celebrity flair as well as some firsthand analysis, considering he had coached against just about everyone on the list.

After we've compiled the lists, we'll publish some of the best or most interesting ones, along with our own scintillating feedback.

And keep in mind this will be a good distraction for you as you pine endlessly about your team's recruiting class in advance of national signing day on Wednesday.