Marqise Lee a 'fit' for the Eagles?

LOS ANGELES -- Recently I was with my significant other, and she endorsed the idea of taking in Kevin Costner’s latest sports flick, “Draft Day,” a story that revolves around pro football’s version of selective service.

Even ESPN’s Chris Berman and Jon Gruden as well as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell were part of the cast just to add a sense of realism to the whole affair. The flick had its moments of fun and fantasy and offered a glimpse of the cold, cruel world of life inside the NFL’s biggest meat market spectacular.

As the film progressed, my significant other wanted to know if the events on the screen remotely resembled those in real life. After I assured her that they did, she became even more fascinated and promptly decided she should call audibles on how the plot would evolve.

Well, the other day I brought up to my new draftnik the Costner flick we had seen and pointed out a real-life situation as it applies to Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles.