Updates from Kiffin media call

USC coach Lane Kiffin held a media conference call on Friday night, here were some of the updates:

* A few stat changes from the game:

1) First Cal fumble forced by Hayes Pullard, not Jawanza Starling

2) Third drive, Cal fumble recovered by DaJohn Harris, not Chris Galippo

3) A kickoff return was credited to Nick Perry, it was George Farmer

* No updates on injuries; Kiffin said players were still at the facility due to getting back late last night. He will have updates at the Sunday practice.

* "The story of the day versus Cal was the defense. They played fast and showed themselves well. They weren't satisfied with one or two turnovers, they kept going out there and getting the ball back."

* "It was the worst game of the year for our two best offensive players, and it says something about this team that they were still able to get a win."

* Curtis McNeal is a great example of a player who "picked up the flag" when Marc Tyler went down. "There is so much negativity around this team with the sanctions, these guys have had some of their buddies leave because of it, and then you have guys like McNeal who step up and do something real positive. So many of the stories I read after the game were negative, you would have thought we lost."

* "The biggest thing I take away from the first half of the season is the emergence of younger players. We're seeing some really special stuff."

* "We're not going to all of a sudden try harder because of the team remaining on our schedule. We're going to work just as hard no matter who we're playing."

* The team measured the players on kickoff coverage from the time the ball is kicked to the time they have traveled 40 yards. George Farmer was timed in 3.96 seconds, the fasted time they've ever seen. Of the decision to burn his redshirt year, Kiffin said "It was too important to get some speed on our football team. If he's as special as we think he is, he's not going to be here five years from now anyways."

* He said it was the best game Jawanza Starling has played since he's been at USC.

* "It was pretty much impossible for Robert Woods to keep up the pace he was at, he was bound to have a down game. They had him double covered, there aren't many routes that work against that. It freed things up for Marqise [Lee] though and he was on his way to a big game before getting hurt. We always say, you can't judge a player by one game, good or bad. He was real close on two potential big plays that the throws were missed, if he gets those all of a sudden it's a pretty good game."