Final vote expected soon on Coliseum

A final vote on the plan to turn over control of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to USC could come as early as next month, according to multiple sources.

If the plan is approved as expected by the Coliseum Commission, the Los Angeles Times reports that the university would be responsible for day-to-day operations, staffing and event scheduling plus they would also get naming and advertising rights to the stadium. USC officials have previously stated that they would be looking to make $70 million worth of improvements to the stadium and surrounding property (the deal includes an option for the parking lots, the freeway signage and the Sports Arena, which could include plans to use that space for alternate use).

The Coliseum Commision – a multi-layered group that features county, city and state appointees – has controlled the Coliseum for 88 years but has come under fire recently for mismanagement and financial scandal. Once the Coliseum is turned over to USC, the Commission would have a limited oversight role for the length of the deal, which could be up to 42 years.