WeAreSC mailbag

Mission Hills, Calif., wide receiver Steven Mitchell is one of a group of in-state receivers that could be in line for a USC offer. Tom Hauck/ESPNHS

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James (San Francisco): With Scholarship limitations, how many mid-year enrollees will SC bring in and who are they looking at for a depleted running back position?

Because USC brought in 12 recruits that count against the 2012 class, it will be able to add three mid-year enrollees that can count backwards, which will bring the Trojans to 15 for 2012. However, they can also add as many mid-year enrollees on top of that and count them against the 2013 class. So if, for example, USC brings in five early enrollees in January, it will fill the 2012 class at 15, and will be able to bring in 13 recruits in February, as the two additional early enrollees will count against the sanctioned limit of 15.

As for the running backs…