Trojan Family reacts to Seau's death

Here's a sample of Twitter reactions from the Trojan football family about the death of Junior Seau:

Clay Matthews III ‏ @ClayMatthews52

Tragic news regarding the passing of Junior Seau. His passion for the

game was unparalleled. One of the great LB's of our time. #fighton

Pete Carroll ‏ @PeteCarroll

So saddened by the news of Junior Seau's passing. The hearts of the

Trojan family go out to his relatives and friends.

Matt Kalil ‏ @Mattkalil

R.I.P. Junior Seau you will be missed, all time Trojan great.

T.J. McDonald ‏ @tmacUSC7

RIP Junior Seau .. Idk him personally but it's really messin with me.

#Trojangreat #55

Scott Starr ‏ @ScottStarr47

Rest in Paradise Junior Seau. You are a huge reason why USC football

is what it is today.

Allen Bradford ‏ @AllenBradford21

R.I.P. Junior Seau a SC legend prayers go out to his family and

friends and loved ones #fighton #respectnlove

Matt Barkley ‏ @MattBarkley

#RIPJuniorSeau You were one of the greatest Trojans of all time!

Nelson Agholor @NelsonAgh3

I am a Trojan, and today is a sad day for our family, one of the men

of Troy has fallen. #rip to JR. S