Pat Haden comments on USC-Notre Dame

USC athletic director Pat Haden talked during Tuesday's practice about the USC-Notre Dame rivalry, one that he has been part of as a player, broadcaster and now as an administrator.

"I think I broadcast the last night game there," Haden said. "I've probably done a dozen USC vs. Notre Dame games there, but this will be my first time back as athletic director.

"This is a game that probably means more to old-timers like me than it does to the players. UCLA is more of a game for the players. You can't make too much of it though, I think Pete Carroll learned that his first year at SC.

"Notre Dame is a special place, I think we all realize that. Whenever I go to the campus I always light a candle for my mom at the grotto. It will be good for me to see some old friends tomorrow when the TV crew comes out to practice."

"The 2005 game was the best one I ever saw from this rivalry."