WeAreSC mailbag

WeAreSC recruiting editor Erik McKinney answers reader questions in his mailbag every Friday. Have a USC recruiting question of your own? Submit it here.

Marty (Los Gatos, CA): Ty Isaac has made two visits to USC on his own dime. This past weekend he brought his mom, and that tells me he is pretty serious. How did his visit at USC go last week? What are his determining factors (besides football)? If USC lands him, will they continue to recruit Justin Davis?

Isaac was serious enough with his interest in USC to make a visit by himself in March. And you’re absolutely right to assume that another visit -- along with his parents -- means his interest in USC is pretty serious. Isaac is very serious about academics, which is fairly obvious when looking at his three finalists -- Michigan, Notre Dame and USC. At this point, he’s looking for where he feels most comfortable and he seems to be truly torn. He’s hoping to come up with a decision sometime soon, but isn’t going to force it if he isn’t ready. Two tailbacks would seem to be a minimum for USC in this class, and the Trojans coaches would likely be very happy to add Isaac and Davis to the offense. Davis will announce his decision May 17.