WeAreSC Roundtable

List the three most necessary improvements that USC needs to make to the Coliseum.

Garry Paskwietz

1. New seats: This would be the first improvement to be made and there really isn’t much of a debate. The current seats are as poor and dilapidated as one will find in a major stadium and simply need to be replaced.

2. Suites: I realize this addition would not impact the vast majority of fans, but it’s a reality of what USC will need to do in order to make the finances work, so it might as well be done right. The Rose Bowl has shown the way for how to do a first class press box and suites on one side of the stadium and it would be a great model for the Coliseum to follow.

3. Parking/Tailgate area: Level the Sports Arena and create an expanded parking structure and tailgate area. USC fans would appreciate both items as part of the game day experience.

Greg Katz

1. New Seats: We have urged this from the beginning of the process, and it appears that Heritage Hall has this item first and foremost. We would again like to suggest that consideration be given to a particular color arrangement. Our vision would be of the upper and lower thirds of the Coliseum seats being cardinal and the middle section being gold. Maybe each seat could also have the interlocking “SC” logo and new cup holders.

2. Parking: We would also like to see increased parking surrounding the Coliseum, even if that means that the Sports Arena has to become a memory. There just isn’t enough room close to the Coliseum for reasonable parking fees, and fans really do deserve better options.

3. New Statues: We would like to see the outside of the Coliseum surrounded by larger than life statues of all the Heisman Trophy winners, major award winners (Ron Yary for his 1967 Outland Trophy), and all the national championship coaches (Howard Jones, John McKay, John Robinson, and Pete Carroll). While we’re at it, throw in a statue of Traveler with rider outside the peristyle end of the Coliseum.

Erik McKinney

1. With the John McKay Center, the USC Trojans plan to establish their athletic facilities as tops in the conference. In taking over control of the Coliseum, it should be time to do something about those other facilities. Providing more, making them better and anything else. If you’ve been to the Coliseum and been to the restrooms, this needs no further explanation.

2. It’s time to make the Coliseum the home of the USC Trojans. Without the logo painted at midfield, a first-time visitor has no way of knowing the Trojans call the Coliseum home. There has been a movement toward correcting that with banners and murals of former USC greats adorning the tunnel entrance to the field, but it would be great to see that spread throughout the entire stadium. There is no shortage of players who deserve recognition for their time at USC. Whether it is statues, parking lot designations or banners commemorating the years they played, fans would relish a chance to relive the history as they made their way to their seats.

3. The seats throughout the Coliseum could use a change. It’s not something you want to complain too loudly about, because the worst individual seat is still better than the best bleacher seat. But the idea of upping the comfort level and perhaps even adding some style with color coordination is pretty appealing.