WeAreSC Recruiting Mailbag

WeAreSC publisher Garry Paskwietz answers reader questions in his mailbag every Friday. Have a USC recruiting question of your own? Submit it here.

Michael (Pine Mountain Club, Calif.): Any updates with the Robinson twins. I believe their upside is great.

The Robinson twins (Tyree Robinson and Tyrell Robinson) are just starting to really get into the recruiting process and they don’t have a lot narrowed down yet. There is some speculation that it could end up being a battle between the two Los Angeles schools, with UCLA having a real shot in large part because of its basketball program. The USC football program should be a strong draw as well, so it’s probably too early to know for sure which way they might be leaning. They are both scheduled to be at the B2G camp this weekend so we will look to get more of an update from them at that time.

Nick Weller (Los Angeles): How important, do you think, are SPARQ-rating stats when the staff looks at recruiting? Considering the variable leagues that these recruits play in, are these kind of stats a useful objective data measurement? Or does the staff rely on their own qualitative assessments of players more than on data? Would love your thoughts.

I think the SPARQ ratings are viewed as being very legitimate by the staff. Pete Carroll even incorporated the testing into the USC camps and the testing of the Trojans players. In the end though, this staff and most every staff is going to rely on their own judgments as a primary measuring stick. The SPARQ score can give you a good read on a player’s athleticism as a predictor of his ability, but there is a lot more beyond that which goes into an overall evaluation.

Will Orr (La Canada, Calif.): There's a noticeable difference in demeanor and atmosphere between Kiffin's teams of late, and Carroll's teams. Do you think that Kiffin is pursuing recruits with different character than Carroll did? Or is it more of a culture once the recruits arrive on campus? Just seems that the focus and preparation seen in the players the last few seasons was never quite around during the Carroll days. Fight On

Actually I think the spirit and work ethic of the players reminds me very much of the early days of the Carroll era when the program was trying to get back on top. I remember noticing it last summer during the throwing sessions and thinking that is was a similar focus to what had been seen before.

Juvenal Cortes (Los Angeles): Which of our current commits has been the biggest recruiter for us?

Su'a Cravens. As we’ve said before, there’s just something about Su’a. Other players recognize his talent and there is a buzz about him that has an ability to draw them in. It’s not just something that has started with his recent verbal either, other recruits have been talking for months about wanting to play with him and the conversations always seemed to center around that happening at USC.