Future of USC running game on display

The future of the USC running back position was on full display during the weekend at The Opening with both Justin Davis (Stockton, Calif./Lincoln) and Ty Isaac (Joliet, Ill./Joliet Academy) in attendance.

Both players made a nice impression with Isaac continuing to show that he can be an effective pass catcher and Davis performing well in the SPARQ testing events that measure a player’s athleticism. Isaac arrived late to the event so he did not get to take part in the SPARQ testing but Davis posted marks of 4.12 seconds in the shuttle, a 37.3 inch vertical and a 40.0 foot throw in the power ball.

“I had never done the power ball before so I was kind of surprised with how I did,” Davis said. “I ran a 4.68 in the 40 but that event isn’t really my thing; I’m not what you would call a speed back.”

Neither Davis or Isaac are speed backs, so it was nice to see them come out and do well at an event like this -- with so much attention on 7-on-7 play for the skill players, a setting that doesn’t always paint an accurate picture of a running back. Nevertheless, it was good for both players to show that they can compete with the best in the nation at their position.

“This is my first chance on a national stage and I just want to show that I can compete with anyone,” Davis said.

It was also the first time the two future USC tailbacks had a chance to be on the same field working together and it’s clear they’ve formed a nice mutual admiration for each other’s skills.

“It’s been cool,” Isaac said. “Right now, we’re clicking. There are no conflicts in personality, which is definitely a good thing even now, seeing as how closely we’ll be working together. So far so good. I know our skill sets are a little different but the coaches are going to work it out. They’ve got good schemes, so I’m confident.”

Davis was impressed by what he saw on the field from Isaac as well.

“I like his running style, he can attack you a lot of different ways,” Davis said. “It’s really been a good experience just to see how each other works, how we complement each other and how we can be a tandem together in the future.”

The two running backs weren’t the only future Trojans in attendance at the event. USC had eight committed players take part, more than any other school.

“It’s been fun finally getting to meet all these guys and see what type of personalities I’m going to be coming in with,” Isaac said. “I definitely had a good time and I’m looking forward to spending some more time with them. I’ve spoken to them here and there on Twitter, but this is our first face-to-face meeting, really getting to talk to them, put a name to a face, so it’s been pretty cool. I like them all. It feels like I’ve known these guys forever already. We’ve come in and, right off the bat, we shake up and we’re good to go.”