Lane Kiffin mum on Silas Redd

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- USC head coach Lane Kiffin wouldn’t discuss his interest in Penn State running back Silas Redd after reports Monday night that the Trojans had notified Penn State of their interest in talking to Redd about a potential transfer.

“I can’t comment on any Penn State players,” Kiffin said during his interview session at Pac-12 media day. “All I can say about the Penn State situation with their penalties is that there’s nothing easy about it. There's really nothing else you can compare about the two situations at USC and Penn State.”

Kiffin did go on talk at various points about the USC running back situation and used the phrase “as of today” on multiple occasions, as if to indicate that the situation could change in the near future.

Curtis McNeal is our starter at running back but he’s gotten banged up a lot in the past so that’s why depth is so important,” Kiffin said. “As of today, we don’t have that depth. It’s why we are looking at putting incoming freshman Nelson Agholor at running back, we would rather have him at receiver but he is at running back as of today because we need him there. Our number one concern right heading into camp is depth at tailback, we’re set at the other skill positions on offense but there’s a lot of opportunity for a running back to make plays in our system.”