NCAA statement on transfers, restrictions

The NCAA has released a statement regarding potential Penn State transfers to schools that are facing scholarship limits due to previous infractions cases. USC and Ohio State are two elite programs that are both under roster restrictions right now and the Trojans are right at the mandated 75-man limit based on current information.

Here is the statement from the NCAA:

"A school subject to scholarship limits due to an infractions case is allowed to accept transfers from Penn State but cannot exceed the scholarship limits specified in its infractions report. Athletically-related financial aid may not be canceled during the period of the award and these schools are not permitted the same exception allowed to schools not under Committee on Infractions sanctions."

What this means is that if USC maintains all the 75 players on the roster there is not room for Penn State running back Silas Redd or any other player to transfer right now. If a roster spot becomes available, it stands to reason that Redd would receive consideration based on the fact that USC has already notified Penn State of its intention to pursue the running back.