Storylines from Tuesday practice

• There was news prior to practice when it was announced that Dillon Baxter is not part of the football program at this point. Lane Kiffin did not elaborate, but said that Baxter will continue to receive support from the USC academic services department. No further details were given. Baxter did not accompany the team to Notre Dame.

Robert Woods sat out practice. Kiffin was not specific with his injuries, said he had "a couple of things." Torin Harris did not practice. George Farmer left practice with assistance from trainers for what looked to be a left ankle injury.

• Isiah Wiley had a pick of Matt Barkley in the team drill.

• A few of the players were wearing a new uniform that was designed by Nike, made of a different fabric than the previous jerseys. The noticeable difference was player numbers on the upper arm/shoulder part of the jersey.

• Kiffin emphasized that the Trojans only used 45 players against Notre Dame.

"I've seen a lot of our fans worry about scholarship restrictions in the future, so that should be good news that we won a big game using that amount of players," he said.