Nelson Agholor trying to 'defy complacency'

LOS ANGELES -- USC receiver Nelson Agholor had the best game of his college career Saturday, but by the time he went to bed that night, he wasn't even thinking about his 76-yard touchdown catch and 162-yard day.

He was thinking about the onside kick he should have come down with, he said Tuesday. When the Trojans finally attempted an onside kick with five minutes to go against Oregon, Agholor had a chance to recover it safely in bounds, but he took the wrong route to the ball. Nickell Robey then recovered it but was ruled out of bounds, and USC essentially conceded defeat.

"The opportunity came to where I had to make that play," Agholor said. "As I've been coached up to do, I tried to make that play.

"It's a discipline thing. That's something I can control. We've actually coached that up many times, and I let emotions take me away from my fundamentals."

That's the sort of perspective and reflection that has Agholor's position coach, Tee Martin, praising the true freshman from Florida.

"He cares," Martin said. "After each play, if it's not done correct, he'll re-do it, with the right technique.

"It's like Marqise Lee putting pressure on himself for not catching the Hail Mary pass against Arizona. They're both competitors."

Agholor did allow that he was pleased with his performance from the Oregon game. But, he said, a big game provides a new challenge for him this season.

"Since I've been out there with those guys, I've thought there was an opportunity to catch the football and make plays," he said. "I'm excited that I got to do that.

"Now, what it really comes down to is seeing if I can defy complacency this week and in the weeks to come."

Agholor's focus in practice on Tuesday was blocking, according to Martin. That was his deficiency on Saturday, so he wants to be better at it by this Saturday.

"He wants to be great, he wants to be perfect," Martin said. "And I certainly want him to be as well."