Davis enjoys official visit to USC

ESPN 300 running back Justin Davis (Stockton, Calif./Lincoln) pulled up a chair for a one-on-one meeting with USC assistant coach Kennedy Polamalu during his official visit to Los Angeles this weekend and analyzed Trojans game film.

Polamalu screened plays that were tailored for Davis’ eyes, highlighting a bruising, physical running style that he’s been associated with. When the four-star athlete looked at the screen, he peered into his future.

“They want to use me as a power back,” Davis said. “Coach Pola showed me plays that they’re going to use me in. It was really cool.”

Davis unofficially visited the USC campus in early November for the Oregon game, but his official this weekend far surpassed that previous trip. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound back made the six-hour drive south with his parents on Friday afternoon, and Davis said they “loved it.”

Davis, who plans to attend his first class Jan. 14 at the start of the spring semester, was hosted by freshman fullback Jahleel Pinner.

“The one thing I got from the weekend was being able to hang out with most of the players and seeing how they interact,” Davis said. “It was a really good visit. My favorite part was probably hanging out with the players. It was really fun hanging out with them and asking them questions that the coaches probably couldn’t answer, like how practice is and what they do on their free time.”

The No. 18-rated running back walked the campus and imagined what’s ahead beginning next month.

“I got to see how I’m going to fit in at the school,” Davis said. “During this official, I just pictured myself already going to the school. I took away a lot from that. Being around the other recruits was cool, too. Those are the players I’m going to be playing with the next few years. It was pretty cool to hang with them and get to know them.”

Davis said he was ecstatic to find out that his No. 22 jersey -- worn by departing senior Curtis McNeal this season -- would be available to him. Following the tour of the locker room, the visitors were led to the Memorial Coliseum field on Saturday night.

“It was pretty cool when we got to walk out there in the dark,” Davis said. “They showed us a couple of videos about the USC tradition on the screen. They showed stuff from all the way back in the 40s and showed clips of all the best players. It was a bit of a reminder of why I picked USC.”