Katz: Ranking the road trips

So you’re a USC Trojans fan, and you are gushing with enthusiasm to travel to one or more road games this season but can’t decide which one to attend. Well, as a public service and your personal travel agent, here are our recommendations. With six road games on the schedule, we'll rank them from 1 (lowest priority) to 6 (a can't miss).

Aug. 29 at Hawaii

Pro: Really? How much motivation do you need to see a Trojans game and vacation in Oahu at the same time? It’s Waikiki, Diamond Head, the North Shore, shaved ice and the Banzai Pipeline. The game is being played on a Thursday, and there is still the weekend to dance the night away with the locals.

Con: Well, it’s summer and it’s bound to be hot and humid. The game kicks off at 4:30 local time, so by the time you finish tailgating you may have melted quicker than the Wicked Witch, and you can bet your ukulele on it.

Aloha Stadium: The Polynesian Cultural Center of football still has its appeal, as the old stadium will also host the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl, so it still has its royalty. Sight lines are good and one can see Pearl Harbor from a distance if you sit high enough.

Rating: 5