The best Coliseum renovation? A winner

LOS ANGELES -- The Opening is now closed, the Trojans Rising Stars Camp has come and gone, and there is a sense of building excitement for Cardinal and Gold fans, as season-ticket packets should be arriving this week.

There is another sense of anticipation because the University of Southern California finally reached agreement with the Board of Directors of the California Science Center recently regarding parking revenue, meaning this should allow the State of California to give the okay for the University to move ahead with its plans to renovate the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Of course, this all sounds good, but until one can see physical proof of the much-needed additions to the Grand Old Lady of Exposition Park, it all seems like the same old dog and pony show. Trojans fans know what improvements they’d like to see, but it appears those additions probably won’t be in place for the upcoming season.

It’s funny how the Coliseum is viewed depending on the success of its major tenant, the USC football team. When the Trojans are in their zenith -- like in the Pete Carroll era -- the historic venue becomes the original Yankee Stadium in its prime. When the Trojans are staggering and lacking in expectations, folks refer to it as a dump and there is discussion of a number of options, some not some pleasant if you’re the Coliseum.