Armond Armstead plans grad classes at SC

Armond Armstead has announced that he will be enrolling at USC for the spring semester to take graduate school courses, according to multiple media reports.

According to a story on SacBee.com, Armstead still intends to transfer to another university in the fall (Notre Dame and Auburn were mentioned) to play his final season of college football, or he could also declare for the NFL supplemental draft.

This is the latest strange twist in the Armstead saga when it comes to USC. Armstead had graduated from USC last month, but had declared his intention to transfer to another school after the USC doctors did not medically clear him for the 2011 season. Armstead claims that he is “just fine” but has yet to be cleared by USC doctors.

Armstead had a meeting with USC administration officials scheduled for Jan. 9 to finalize his release, but no news had come out on the topic until today's announcement.

It was also confirmed that his younger brother, Arik Armstead, would sign with a school on Feb. 1 -- national signing day -- rather than enroll at a school in time for spring classes as had been his original plan. Arik is a one-time USC commit who decommitted from the Trojans after the family had issues with how Armond’s medical situation was handled.

There are bound to be more twists and turns in this one before all is said and done, but as of now Armond Armstead plans to continue on as a USC student for at least one more semester.