USC fans waiting to see on Sarkisian

LOS ANGELES -- A former military friend of mine told me he was taught in basic training never to make a decision or pass judgment when emotional, so rather than come to some knee-jerk observations following the completion of USC’s spring practice, I decided to -- using Steve Sarkisian phraseology -- “marinate” on it.

So while sitting in the Coliseum press box for the USC spring game this past Saturday, I couldn’t help but think that the 17,500 in attendance -- certainly one of most impressive turnouts since the days of Pete Carroll -- are hoping and praying that first-year coach Sarkisian is the answer, and that a return to the Carroll era of excitement and electricity is imminent.

Although Sarkisian’s offense didn’t provide any "SportsCenter" highlights last weekend, perhaps by design and injury, Trojans fans were nevertheless ready to stand up and cheer, wave their cardinal and gold pompoms and chant with swag, “We Are … SC, We Are … SC!