A road map for national titles

If you really want to find out if the USC Trojans are going to be really good, and that means championship good, take a look at their offensive tackles, who generally are an accurate barometer to the team’s future success.

Normally, all eyes focus offensively on the Trojans assembly line of former blue-chip quarterbacks or stable of quality running backs, but when it’s all said and done, neither of these positions is going to be productive without exceptional offensive tackles.

Look at their last seven national championships and you’ll see highly decorated offensive tackles, NFL caliber talent that has been instrumental in helping attain college football’s ultimate prize.

So let’s take a look at the tandem offensive tackles who helped paved the way for the Trojans’ past seven national championships.

1962 national champions (11-0-0) -- Marv Marinovich and Gary Kirner: John McKay’s first national championship team and playing in the days of two-way football, these two tackles helped power the offense in the formative years of McKay’s I-formation. After the season, team co-captain Marinovich was picked by the Los Angeles Rams in the 12th round of the 1962 NFL draft while the younger Kirner, a junior at the time, was eventually selected in the fifth round of the 1964 AFL draft by the San Diego Chargers.