Armstead to conduct workout for NFL scouts

Former USC defensive tackle Armond Armstead will be working out on Wednesday for NFL scouts at Cal State Sacramento.

The most important test for Armstead in terms of his future plans will probably not come on the field, however. It will likely come in the off-field tests by NFL doctors.

Armstead, who graduated from USC last December, was not allowed to work out with the other Trojans players at the USC Pro Day in March because of on-going medical issues.

It has been one year since Armstead was originally hospitalized with chest pains, and he was never cleared by USC doctors to return to the field in 2011. Armstead looked at several options -- including transferring to another school as he had one year of eligibility left -- but he eventually decided to move forward with his professional career and enter the NFL draft.

The situation with his medical status remains unclear. Due to privacy and legal concerns, USC is not allowed to comment on the details of his case. The Armstead family has said that tests with other doctors have ruled out a heart condition and that his health is not an issue, but have not provided any other details beyond that.

Any NFL team that looks to draft or sign Armstead as a free agent will obviously want to conduct their own medical tests to determine his status. If he is indeed free of any real issues, then it’s easy to imagine that he will be in an NFL camp next fall. Armstead clearly has some physical gifts that will warrant a team giving him a look, provided the medical questions are cleared to their satisfaction.