WeAreSC recruiting mailbag

Welcome to the inaugural WeAreSC mailbag. Erik McKinney will answer reader questions about USC recruiting in this space every Friday. Questions can be submitted to Erik here.

Aztrojinal (Culver City, Calif.): Curious from the recruits you've talked to, do most of the kids view the scholarship restrictions as a positive (playing time, honor of being chosen) or a negative (making it more difficult to compete for a NC and practice at full speed)?

From a recruiting standpoint, the only part of the sanctions that played any part in making it difficult was the bowl ban. (It is still somewhat baffling that this staff was able to keep the 2010 recruiting class together in the face of virtually a complete staff turnover as well as the bowl ban announcement.) Had USC finished last season with seven or eight losses, the scholarship reductions would have been a big hurdle for the USC coaches to overcome and a negative recruiting point for conference coaches. As it is, with a top-five finish and a shot at a national championship this season, the scholarship restrictions don’t come up much, except if a recruit is being told to be patient in waiting for an offer because the staff is forced to be a bit more selective these next two years.