Rodgers on UCLA offer and USC

A trip west resulted in a scholarship offer for Khaliel Rodgers but not the duo he had hoped for.

UCLA is the latest school to offer the offensive guard from Elkton (Md.) Eastern Academy. However, Rodgers is still hoping for a scholarship offer from Southern California. His teammates, 2015 quarterback David Sills and 2013 defensive lineman Kenny Bigelow, are Trojan commitments.

"The trip went amazing,” Rodgers said Sunday. “We saw the spring game, which was good. We visited the school (USC). It was great. We visited UCLA too, but most of the time we were at USC...(UCLA trip) was great. I got an offer, so, hopefully just waiting on this USC offer. Hopefully I’ll get it.”

With the Bruins offer, Rodgers is now up to 10 official invites.

"I’m definitely in love with their coaching staff,” Rodgers said. “I’ve visited before and I wasn’t too impressed with the last coaching staff. But they have a good program going on now. The offensive line coach (Adrian Klemm) is a great o-line coach, one of the greatest o-line coaches I’ve ever talked to or met. It’s going on great over there.”

"Being part of a rebuilding program has a certain allure for Rodgers.

"It fits well because they definitely are in need of O-linemen and they are definitely in the building process for that position, so it would be a great fit for me,” he said.

Perhaps the Trojans would have offered Rodgers a scholarship if they had more to give. Because of NCAA restrictions, USC can only offer 15 scholarships.

"They said they’re waiting on it and deciding, because they’re really heavy on linemen right now,” Bigelow said when asked what USC coaches told him during the visit. “But I’ll see what happens later on. I might be coming out again next month, so we’ll see then.”

If Bigelow and Sills had a say, Rodgers would certainly end up at USC.

"They both want me to commit to USC, but my options are open right now,” he said. “USC is definitely a great school and I just like the whole area.”

Rodgers travel isn't over. He's planning a southern trip next.

"I’ll be heading down to LSU this summer,” he said. “We’ll see how that goes. I’ve been to Alabama to visit Auburn and Florida to visit Miami. I never thought I’d be able to go around the country just because of football. But it’s amazing, definitely amazing.”

Eric McKinney contributed to this report.