USC should release its 2013 recruits

The Southern Cal Trojans fired their head basketball coach, Kevin O’Neill, on Monday. Midseason firings are typically reserved for pro sports, but we’re beginning to get accustomed to them on the college football and basketball sides.

The midseason college firings simply reinforce the notion of what the bottom line is in big-time college athletics: winning. I get that. At some point, you accept the fact that major college sports are a lot closer to pro sports than they are amateur athletics.

Over at USC, athletic director Pat Haden is planning his next move. Typically, coaches are hired following the completion of the season, which often culminates in the week leading up to and the week after the Final Four. That means the Trojans’ job may be open until early April.

Haden’s head start on his coaching search is great for his program but bad for the five Class of 2013 recruits who signed up to be Trojans in November.