Kiffin recaps Colorado win

Some selected quotes from Lane Kiffin’s Sunday night conference call following the Trojans’ 50-6 victory over Colorado.

Open: “Overall, a really good day -- a really special day for all Trojans I think, [for] all Trojan fans. It was really exciting, and I just thought there were a lot of really neat things with not just the two anticipated records … but then to have on the side, an all-time completion percentage in the history of the conference in a game, and then the most touchdown passes by a USC team ever, and then the most touchdown catches by a single player ever, is pretty special. And I thought it just kind of went along with the day, from the Stanley Cup being there, to the SC championship team being there, to the great tribute after the records -- a lot of credit to Craig Kelley and Mark Jackson on that -- it was really neat and I think it just spoke volumes about L.A. and SC.”

On the team’s continuing issue with penalties: “I don’t really have a theory on it. Obviously [it’s] very disappointing. I’ve never spent a halftime like that before, where myself and the coaches -- the entire halftime was on penalties and on composure. Fortunately, we came out in the second half and did a better job, which was good, so hopefully somehow that fixed it.

“What I’m hoping is that we hit rock bottom in the first half. It’s one thing when [we’re] lined up offsides and stuff like that, but when we have the personal fouls … as I said afterwards, to me that’s a disgrace to our university and to all of our great players that have played here before. That’s nothing that we want to be associated with. So I think maybe in this one, somehow we had to hit rock bottom, and that locker room was.”

On the condition of offensive tackle Aundrey Walker: “I don’t think -- as you guys know -- I’m allowed to say very much on that. But I guess I could say that he was back in meetings today and things seem to be very positive.”

On the potent offenses that USC will face in the coming weeks, starting this Saturday with Arizona: “We’re going to get ready to play some really high-powered offenses, especially on the ground. Statistically, as you look at who we’ve played and who’s coming, there’s a very big difference. We’re going to have to continue to improve. Four of the offenses on the way in the next five games are in the top 23 in the country. And this one is actually above the rest of them … We’re going to have our hands full. They run a million snaps a game -- really high tempo.”

On the personal foul committed by Leonard Williams: “There were other personal fouls but that one [had] obviously the biggest impact. He’s a true freshman and he made a mistake. He apologized for it to the team afterwards, and he’ll definitely learn from it, grow from it and obviously we weren’t pleased. As far as what’s coming, I think the normal protocol is that they look at those things and tell you usually on Mondays.”

On De’Von Flournoy’s first catch as a Trojan, as well as the standout play by other non-starters: “Yeah, it was really neat. We had a really good meeting today going back over the game, and we always show TV highlights from the TV copy, so guys kind of all cheered when [De’Von Flournoy’s] catch came up, and we talked about it in the locker room afterwards … There were some good stories in that game of non-starters -- Drew McAllister’s great plays, Kevin Greene with the two sack caused fumbles, and then De’Von Flournoy with the catch.”

On the play of offensive tackle Max Tuerk and the entire offensive line: “I thought Max played really well for the second week in a row, and looked really good out there. And I thought the offensive line played pretty well … We didn’t play perfect up there, but we did do well.”

On the status of Devon Kennard: “Devon will not play. We’re going to save his year, so he’ll be back next year for us. We’re excited about that. As we look at our team -- you start talking about the future -- we’re still pretty young. We basically start two seniors on offense and I think we start three seniors on defense, so if I’m not mistaken that’s five senior starters. So it’ll be great to get Devon coming back.”

Additional notes: It was also revealed that both Brian Baucham and Cody Temple are out for the year with injuries.