HuskyNation mailbag: Sept. 20

Four-star commits such as Moreno Valley, Calif., wide receiver Damore'ea Stringfellow seem solid to the Huskies no matter what the 2012 season might bring. Erik McKinney/ESPN.com

SEATTLE -- Washington is in the middle of a unique two-week stretch, as the Huskies work through an abbreviated bye.

With a matchup against No. 9 Stanford next Thursday at CenturyLink Field, Washington will begin game week on Saturday.

So, while the Huskies get a few days to rest and recover, they don’t have much time off before launching into their preparations for the Cardinal.

While Washington takes care of business during its bye week, working toward building on the positive momentum created during last week’s 52-13 win over Portland State, it is time to tackle the mailbag.

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Here is this week’s HuskyNation mailbag:

JayDavis44 via Twitter: Does UW need to win the next three weeks or be competitive to keep our current big time recruits like (Damore’ea) Stringfellow/(Elijah) Qualls?

A: As Washington’s season progresses, wins are going to become more important to the players the Huskies are still pursuing more than the recruits who have already committed.

Damore’ea Stringfellow (Moreno Valley, Calif./Rancho Verde) and Elijah Qualls (Petaluma, Calif./Casa Grande) seem solid in their commitments to Washington, and I don’t expect a few potential losses against ranked teams to impact that.

However, if Washington is able to pull off a couple of upsets over its next four games, it could help land a few prospects still on the Huskies’ wish list.

JayDavis44 via Twitter: How rough is recruiting going to get for UW if UCLA, Arizona and Utah keep rolling with wins?

A: Obviously, winning is a big part of recruiting. Prospects who have watched UCLA’s early-season success will be intrigued by the Bruins. But, in some ways, building the right personal connections is more important than wins and losses.

The Huskies have done a good job building personal connections with recruits and high school coaches. So, as long as Washington plays well enough this season to earn an opportunity to play in a bowl game, I don’t see those programs encroaching on the Huskies' recruiting momentum.

DAWGFATHER91 via Twitter: With your house on the line, do the Huskies made a bowl this year? Schedule looks a lot tougher now.

A: It's a good thing I don’t own my house, so I guess I will be putting my landlord’s house on the line. I hope she doesn’t mind. The schedule definitely looks tougher now, but I see this team getting to a bowl game, even if it has to put together a late-season winning streak to get there.

GO_DAWGS_UW via Twitter: What do the O-line kids say about (Dan) Cozzetto?

A: When I asked center Dane Crane (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Santa Margarita) about Dan Cozzetto this summer, the senior said he was excited to play for Washington’s offensive line coach. He said he doesn’t care how tough the coach is, as long as he cares.

During a conversation with Crane’s father, Bob, I asked the same thing. He said his son provided this description of Cozzetto: “He loves us. He’s going to beat the crap out of us. He’s not going to have a lot of empathy but, at the end of the day, this guy really gives a damn about us.”

wolbert6 via Twitter: In your opinion, who flips from UW? And is UW going to get any of the top recruits left on their board?

A: Every recruit who has given a verbal commitment I have talked to recently remains solid on his pledge to play for the Huskies.

The one player who comes up most frequently when it comes to flipping is offensive lineman Poasi Moala (Moreno Valley, Calif./Rancho Verde). It sounds like there are those close to him who would like him to play at UCLA, but he remains high on the Huskies.

He is definitely a player to keep an eye one. As far as the other players left on the Huskies’ board, I think Washington will land a few more notable names before this class is complete.

wolbert6 via Twitter: One more, does (Myles) Jack flip to UW?

A: I’m really being put on the spot today. If I had been asked this earlier in the summer, I would have said I’m not sure. But, now that I’ve talked to Myles Jack a few times recently, I think Washington still has a shot to land him. He remains committed to UCLA, but he is looking around. He loves the personal attention he has gotten from the Huskies, so the program still has a chance with the senior from Bellevue (Wash.) High School.