Connor O'Brien sees 'dream come true'

Teammates Connor O'Brien (above) Dane Crane are eager for their official visits. Tom Mendoza for ESPNLosAngeles.com

Five games into his senior season, Connor O’Brien feels like he is seeing his “dream come true.”

“Watching this all unfold now, it’s a dream come true for me,” O’Brien said. “I’m really happy with everything right now. School is going good. Football is going good. And I have a lot of things coming up that are good for me.”

After helping Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita hold off Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure 35-27 Friday, the 6-foot-3, 205-pound athlete will put his high school season on hold for a few days this week to take his official visit to Washington.

O’Brien, who committed to the Huskies in April, plans to fly to Seattle to watch Washington's Thursday night game against No. 8 Stanford. The timing worked well, because Santa Margarita, the nation’s top-ranked team, has a bye this week.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the guys compete,” O’Brien said. “I know we’ve got a great team, a young team. We’ve got a lot of potential. We’ve got some young coaches and I know they’re good coaches.”

When asked if he thinks the Huskies can hang with the Cardinal, O’Brien said, “I know they have a lot of talent, and I’m looking forward to seeing them prove it.”

O’Brien, who will attend the game with his teammate and fellow Washington commit, center Dane Crane, is looking forward to spending more time around the program, getting a better feel for the players and coaches.

“I’m expecting to get closer to the team and the coaches,” O’Brien said. “That’s my main goal, just to get closer with the guys up there.”

He was so impressed with his last trip to Seattle in April for the Huskies’ Junior Day that he committed shortly after returning to California. He is looking forward to his return trip to the Northwest, and plans to pitch the program to any uncommitted prospects who attend the game.

“If there’s a guy up there who is thinking about it, of course I’m going to try to get him to make the right decision and choose the Dawgs,” O’Brien said.

With O’Brien and Crane currently committed, Washington continues to recruit their teammate, offensive lineman Riley Sorenson.

Sorenson has Washington in his top three with Cal and UCLA. While his teammates aren’t quite sure where he will end up, O’Brien thinks the Huskies are at the top of Sorenson’s list.

“He’s a little hesitant on decision making, which is understandable,” O’Brien said. “He just wants to make sure he’s making the best decision. He said he wants to take his official visit up there first, before making any decisions.”