Austin Rehkow relives 67-yard field goal

Austin Rehkow recalls the media whirlwind that followed his 67-yard field goal last week. Mason Kelley, RecruitingNation

When Austin Rehkow lined up for a 67-yard field goal attempt last week, the last thing on his mind was making SportsCenter.

The Spokane Valley (Wash.) Central Valley kicker never expected to end up on Good Morning America either.

Even after he hammered the ball toward the uprights and sent it sailing through for the game-tying field goal as time expired against Spokane (Wash.) Shadle Park, he thought, “Oh, it’s a GSL (Greater Spokane League) record. That’s pretty cool.”

It wasn’t until he met with the media following a 62-55 overtime win he realized his kick was one of the longest field goals ever made in a game. And, even then, “I didn’t think it would be that much publicity and media time that went with it,” he said. “Sure enough, it did. It’s obviously been a fun ride.”

In addition to seeing the kick on SportsCenter’s Top Plays and being invited to appear on Good Morning America, Rehkow said he has been interviewed about 15 times. The requests have come both locally and nationally.

“It’s been pretty crazy, especially the day after when I went to school,” he said. “I was hardly even in class most of the day, just getting pulled out to be interviewed, talk on the radio, do something with some of the local news stations here.”

While things have tapered off over the past few days, he still gets daily requests.

“It’s kind of died off a little bit now, but there’s still probably, about once a day, so and so wants to talk to you or give this person a call,” said Rehkow, who has a partial scholarship offer from Eastern Washington.

When asked to rate the best moment of this recent run of attention, Rehkow couldn’t pick just one.

“It was definitely awesome to see myself on SportsCenter with all my teammates,” he said. “That was a great experience. It’s probably that, along with Good Morning America, which was pretty awesome.”

In addition to the interview requests, Rehkow was contacted by both Washington State and BYU the day after making the field goal. But, when it comes to recruiting, he said “nothing too crazy” has happened in the days after the kick.

“It’s just been some follow-up calls from a couple of the smaller schools and that’s been it,” he said.