RB Deontae Cooper suffers torn ACL

When Washington running back Deontae Cooper met with the media Monday, he was thrilled to be back on the field.

“I’m just ready to strap ’em on and go, ready to grind till the doctor tells me I can’t play,” Cooper said. “If I tear my ACL five more times, I’m going to keep going.”

After missing back-to-back seasons due to ACL injuries to his left knee, he was ready to move beyond the injuries and restart his career. However, he suffered a third setback Wednesday, tearing his right ACL during a non-contact drill.

Here is a statement from Washington coach Steve Sarkisian that was posted on CoachSark.com:

“I am saddened and dismayed to report that Deontae Cooper has torn the ACL in his right knee while participating in a non-contact drill during practice. Deontae has done everything we have asked of him, and has been an example to his teammates with his hard work in the classroom, and the dedication he showed in returning from two previous ACL surgeries in his left knee. Our football program will do everything we can to support him in this tough time.”