Local 2014 targets top fans' priority list

Michigan fans want 2014 Detroit Loyola DE prospect Malik McDowell to stay close to home. Tom Hauck for ESPN.com

On Friday WolverineNation provided list of 10 top Michigan targets for 2014 and asked you to prioritize them. After receiving more than 900 votes, here is how you ranked them, with first-place votes in parentheses:

1. Malik McDowell (511)

2. Damon Webb (82)

3. Jabrill Peppers (88)

4. Parrker Westphal (37)

5. Bryan Mone (39)

6. Orlando Brown Jr. (48)

7. Mason Cole (15)

8. Jamarco Jones (27)

9. Corey Holmes (30)

10. Montae Nicholson (26)

Here's how WolverineNation recruiting writers Tom VanHaaren and Chantel Jennings break down your votes.

1.) Did you have Malik McDowell as your No. 1 pick?

Van Haaren: It's tough to argue with 509 first place votes out of the almost 900 voters. McDowell is a big-time prospect, he's local, and he plays along the defensive line. I won't argue with the pick because if Michigan gets him it will be a big deal.

Jennings: He wasn’t my top pick, but I answered based quite a bit on need and I don’t think the D-line is the spot with the greatest amount of need. But, as Tom said, he’s obviously a great prospect and deserves to be near the top.

2.) Which player on the voters’ list do you believe is the most underrated in their standing?

Van Haaren: I was surprised to see Montae Nicholson at No. 10. I think he's the kind of safety that could be a really good addition to Michigan's defense. He's taller, the coaches saw him at camp, and he's one of the limited 2014 prospects with an offer. I would bump him up a little.

Jennings: Wide receiver Corey Holmes. He’s a very talented prospect and he’s a kid that would come through the doors sprinting at Michigan. It’s difficult to be a lifelong Michigan fan when you don’t live instate. Being a lifelong Michigan fan in Florida? Even harder. But he’s managed to do that and become a rangy, fast receiver as well.

3.) Which position group is most important for 2014 and does the voters’ list represent that?

Van Haaren: Defense as a whole leads the way from the votes and specifically within that defensive line and defensive backs. Looking at this list I think it would be a huge deal for Michigan to land Damon Webb, Parrker Westphal and Montae Nicholson. There are a lot of needs, so I'll go with defensive back.

Jennings: I’m going to second Tom here. Michigan is losing a lot with their DBs this season and next -- Jordan Kovacs, J.T. Floyd, Courtney Avery, Cam Gordon. Stocking up there is only going to help.

4.) Which three prospects on this list does Michigan have the best shot in landing?

Van Haaren: That's tough to limit the number to three because I really think Michigan has a good shot with most of them. Michigan is in the top group for Webb, Nicholson and Mason Cole. They most likely lead for Mone as well. The only ones I don’t think Michigan has a great shot with are Orlando Brown Jr. and Jabrill Peppers.

Jennings: I think the Wolverines have great chances with most of the kids on the list, specifically Cole, Holmes and Westphal. I think Jamarco Jones would be a big get for them as well.