Meet Jim Harbaugh's right-hand man, J.T. Rogan

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ANN ARBOR, Mich -- J.T. Rogan is the director of communications and operations for the football coach at the University of Michigan. That means he is Jim Harbaugh's right-hand man and gets to see, hear and experience everything that goes on in Harbaugh's normal day.

Rogan's days, which usually start at 7:30 a.m., vary by whatever pops up across his desk and whatever Harbaugh needs him to accomplish. This is a look at one of those days for Rogan as Harbaugh's assistant.

J.T. Rogan's first task of the day, at 7:42am, was to meet with former Michigan and Stanford player Wayne Lyons about community service opportunities for the Michigan football players. Lyons shared why he got involved with community service himself.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

Rogan meets with former Michigan player to discuss community service

After J.T. Rogan met with Wayne Lyons, he grabbed a bowl of oatmeal and took it to go. Eating while walking and talking, Rogan walks to the parking lot to run errands for Jim Harbaugh. While driving and trying to eat his breakfast, a call comes in about Harbaugh's weekly podcast that Rogan needed to take.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

J.T. Rogan steps into Jim Harbaugh's office to present him with a challenge coin given to Harbaugh by Max and Sherry Menefee. Harbaugh gives out challenge coins, which is part of a military tradition, so the Menefee's had a special coin made for Harbaugh.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

Graphic designer Aaron Bills and J.T. Rogan present artwork to Jim Harbaugh for approval. The piece shows Michigan's former football players currently playing in the NFL. Harbaugh gave his approval after suggesting removing a tag line and adding his trademark phrase, Who's got it better than us? Rogan gave Bills the approval to use the piece once Harbaugh gave the ok.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

Long time Michigan equipment manager Jon Falk shares an office space with J.T. Rogan. Falk helps Rogan sift through Jim Harbaugh's mail talking about some of the more odd items Harbaugh has received in the mail, which includes a Wolverine skin hat.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

J.T. Rogan meets with representatives from Fathead about adding some "sizzle" and more photos to Al Glick field house. Jim Harbaugh, Jack Harbaugh and Rogan put the stickers up themselves for the players of the week after each game.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

Rogan talks with Fathead representatives

J.T. Rogan and Jon Falk open up mail sent to Jim Harbaugh. This package contains an American flag flown over the capital building. Falk says Harbaugh has received many flags that were flown over Afghanistan and other countries by service members.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

Rogan, Falk open mail sent to Harbaugh

J.T. Rogan gives a tour of the Michigan locker room for potential opportunities to add some "sizzle" and decals to the walls from Fathead. Rogan is exploring options to add some branded and non branded pieces of art to the wall.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer

Rogan gives Fathead reps tour of Michigan locker room

J.T. Rogan's desk is right in front of Jim Harbaugh's office, so Rogan often acts as a gatekeeper. Quarterback Wilton Speight prods Rogan to see if Harbaugh is available or in a good mood.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer