Who comes back for Team USA?

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey couldn't have gone much worse for Team USA. Which players will be back representing the country in future best-on-best tournaments? Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press via AP

TORONTO -- As bad as it felt, Team USA defenseman Ryan McDonagh wanted his teammates to remember the feeling. This was rock bottom: Three games, three losses and a ticket home from a tournament set up for them to succeed.

It was the worst possible situation for Team USA, and McDonagh didn’t want it to be taken lightly.

“If anyone is back from this group representing your country, remember this feeling,” McDonagh said after Team USA’s final loss. “Remember that there’s people out there watching that have a lot of pride in this team and we need to play hard for them.”

It’s a fair bet McDonagh will get another crack at it. It’s also safe to say many of the Team USA players that were part of this disappointing finish won’t play for the country again during a best-on-best tournament.

So who falls into each category?