Inside the Jimmy Vesey situation

Jimmy Vesey will not be signing with the Predators, which has many people in Nashville (and elsewhere) quite upset. Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

If you’re a player or former player, you watch the Jimmy Vesey situation from the outside and it makes total sense. It’s been nearly four years since he was drafted, and he’s now just a few months away from being able to pick the NHL team with which he will begin his professional hockey career. Of course he’s going to take that option.

If you’re an executive with another team, it’s an opportunity. You might not like the loophole that exists in the CBA that allows college players to hit unrestricted free agency four years after being drafted, but it exists. But now, there’s a real possibility to add a high-end prospect without giving up anything but a roster spot and an entry-level contract.

If you’re the Nashville Predators, you’re just plain angry. A little hurt, too. And not for the reasons some might expect.