Blue Jackets adjust to being the hunted

Holding down a playoff spot, the Blue Jackets now must face a hungry batch of teams looking to overtake them every game. What adjustments will they make to continue their success? Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

The game had been over long enough that his teammates were all completely showered, dressed and leaving the building with coats and hats, walking toward the team bus.

Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella was done for the night, too. He’d put in a lengthy media session, packed his stuff and was leaving Joe Louis Arena when he passed Sergei Bobrovsky, still in shorts and a sweat-soaked shirt, lying on his back on a mat, doing extra core work. Tortorella smiled and shook his head.

Bobrovsky had a giant green exercise ball he was lifting up and down with his legs and didn’t look to be stopping anytime soon, putting in a long workout after making 24 saves in a big overtime win for the Blue Jackets.

When it was suggested to one observer, a former goalie hanging out in the hallway, that Bobrovsky might miss the team bus, he laughed.

“No way. You always wait for the goalie,” he answered.

The Blue Jackets weren’t going anywhere without Bobrovsky. And based on what we’ve seen since their winning streak, the same can be said for their playoff aspirations.