An outdoor All-Star Game?

Playing outdoors could potentially revive the tradition of the All-Star Game. Getty Images

Should the All-Star Game be played outdoors? What should George McPhee do to shake up the Capitals? What’s David Poile’s next move? All this and more in this week’s hockey mailbag. If you want to be featured in next week’s mailbag, send your questions, hockey ideas and observations in here.

You've been skeptical of the number of outdoor games on the podcast. Here's a thought: what about an outdoor All-Star game? Kind of kills two birds with one stone. Makes the ASG more interesting and gets an outdoor game hosted. The Dodger Stadium game would have been ideal.

Les, Evergreen, Colo.

I absolutely agree with this. I like the outdoor concept, I’m just concerned there are one or two too many this year. I guess we’ll find out. There’s no doubt that the All-Star Game has grown stale, but there’s potential for revival there. I like the idea of an outdoor game and I think the All-Star Game would give the league an opportunity to hit some nontraditional spots because you don’t necessarily need to draw a huge crowd for it they way they do for the Winter Classic.

Part of the appeal from the league’s perspective of having an All-Star Game is that it gives them a platform and weekend to cultivate relationships with some of its biggest sponsors and partners. Moving the game outside and putting it in a warm-weather spot, as you suggested, would be perfect for that, and it would be fun too. Since they’ve used the Dodger Stadium once, my pitch would be for a Las Vegas outdoor game on or near the strip. That would be awesome. I hope you’re reading this, John Collins.

Do you think that the San Jose Sharks, if they are able to get healthy, have a shot at the Stanley Cup? I know that the Western Conference is deep, but the Sharks have held their own despite missing several key players (Logan Couture, Tomas Hertl, Raffi Torres, etc.). Thanks for answering.

Sam Maluth, Denver

Absolutely, 100 percent. The Sharks are definitely among the legitimate Stanley Cup contenders. It’s going to come down to matchups and health in the West, but San Jose has the horses to compete with anyone.