Potential lockout winners and losers

What now? If there's a lockout, fans in Minnesota may not get to celebrate their new stars. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Nobody truly wins when there is a lockout. The last time around, the owners thought they got what they wanted in cost certainty and a salary cap. Now, they're fighting to change the system again from one the players would be more than happy to keep. Salaries are lost. Fans are turned off. Reputations are tarnished.

If there is a lockout, it will hurt some more than others, but in some cases, it might even have its benefits. For instance, a team like Minnesota is hurt because the Wild lose the momentum that comes with adding stars Ryan Suter and Zach Parise. But it also could give Minnesota's young prospects a chance to grow and develop together in the AHL. There are other players, teams and even a league hurt or helped by the possibility of this lockout. Here's a look:

Potentially Helped