Looking back at prediction hits and misses

Alec Martinez and the Los Angeles Kings won the 2014 Stanley Cup, which Craig correctly predicted. Dave Sandford/NHLI/Getty Images

We do a lot of projecting at ESPN Insider. It’s one of the fun parts of the job -- taking the information you know, projecting it forward and trying to predict the future. In the world of hockey, it’s especially challenging because one bounce, and the outcome of one team can change dramatically. The unpredictability is what makes this sport the best.

With the season over and the offseason about to get crazy, in the spirit of full disclosure, let’s take a look at some of the projections in this space that panned out and some we’d like back. Sometimes it’s the projections that go sideways that you can learn the most from.

Preseason predictions

Prediction: Kings will win Stanley Cup

Result: Got this one right. Heading into the season, I loved everything about the Kings. General manager Dean Lombardi built the Kings for playoff success, and they just had to get in, which they did without too much trouble. They didn’t make it easy on themselves but ultimately pulled it off.