Miller the biggest puzzle piece for Sabres

Ryan Miller is capable of carrying just about any playoff team far in postseason play. Graig Abel/NHLI/Getty Images

The pace has definitely picked up for new Buffalo GM Tim Murray this week, with the NHL back following the Olympics. Then again, compared to the Olympic break, any action would have been a dramatic increase. And there’s definitely action surrounding the trade deadline’s biggest sellers.

“It has heated up, because there was absolutely nothing during the Olympics,” said Murray when we chatted early Thursday evening. “There’s been calls, still very vague stuff. But there’s been calls. Teams have expressed interest.”

If you need a 30-goal winger, Murray has one.

If you need a pesky, versatile faceoff-winning center who can play up and down your lineup, Murray has one of those two.

And of course, in Ryan Miller, Murray has a franchise goalie who can carry your Cup-contending team to a championship. In fact, Miller is capable of carrying just about any playoff team longer than they’d otherwise go in the postseason.

We’ll get to Miller in a minute. Right now, Murray is enjoying the transition from the assistant GM in Ottawa to a guy whose phone number may now be slotted among the favorites in his colleagues' iPhones.

Even when other GMs weren’t calling there was a lot of work to be done in Buffalo.

“There’s legitimately 15 different pieces you have to be on top of,” he said.

There’s getting to know the NHL team more intimately than before.