How P.K. Subban's deal affects RFAs

P.K. Subban's confidence proved to be an invaluable asset to the Montreal Canadiens. Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports

The new contract for P.K. Subban was announced on a Saturday afternoon. In August. On a holiday weekend in Canada.

Because of that, the reaction is just now starting to filter in to Don Meehan and the Newport offices, the agency that masterminded the eight-year deal worth a total of $72 million.

“We’ve had some of our people in the field in Lake Placid and Calgary for international tournaments, and the reaction I get back is," he pauses, "really, it’s mixed actually,” said Meehan during a Tuesday afternoon phone conversation. “The industry knows he’s a very good player. The industry recognizes as well, in that community he had a following. He performed well the last few years, and that community identified with him.”

For a lot of reasons, Subban’s situation was unique.