With Sunday's officiating crew, Cowboys must be 'cool with our hands'

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Mark Schlereth is confident in the Cowboys' offensive line and Darren Woodson credits star players Dak Prescott, Ezikiel Elliott and the return of Dez Bryant for this advantage. (0:44)

FRISCO, Texas -- Brandon Carr was kind of taken aback when he was told Jerome Boger’s officiating crew has called 36 penalties for defensive pass interference, illegal contact or defensive holding this season.

“Really?” the Dallas Cowboys cornerback said.

Boger will be the referee Sunday when the Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles. His crew averages a league-high 20.3 penalties per game.

“You’ve got to be cool with our hands,” Carr said. “We work hard in trying to work our techniques and our cheats, so to speak, and get them within the framework of the body. It’s just another challenge for us to play the game. It’s a division game and it’s going to be physical. It’s going to be intense.”

Jason Garrett wasn’t sure if he would tell the defensive backs about the trend. He did not want it to get in their heads and take away their aggressiveness.

“That’s always a tricky thing as a coach -- to enter the statistics of the officiating crew into the equation,” Garrett said. “Certainly you want them to be aware of it, (but) you don’t want to over-coach it. The thing we always try to stress and emphasize is, play with great technique. If you do that and you know what you’re doing, typically the penalties go down. There are certain officiating crews that will call more of this penalty and less of that penalty. As a coaching staff we try to be mindful of it. If we feel like it’s important to share with our players, to emphasize it, we’ll do that. But again, we try not to over-coach that.”

The Cowboys defensive backs aren’t the only ones who need to be mindful of the officials. Boger’s crew has called a league-high seven offensive pass-interference penalties, too.