Twitter mailbag: Dan Bailey security affecting red zone calls?

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@toddarcher: This is an outstanding question and one that I've not thought about. My inclination is to say no, but Jason Witten said the No. 1 goal for an offense when it gets to the red zone is to score points. Any kind of them. So I do wonder if the fact that the Cowboys know they have 3 points sewn up because of Dan Bailey leads them to not take many chances down deep. Scott Linehan talked about attacking the front and the back of the end zone but so far this season the only pass plays into the end zone from the red zone have been fades to Dez Bryant. As good as Bryant is in those jump ball situations, it's not a high percentage play. The best teams in the red zone run the ball in for touchdowns but that's not always easy. The Cowboys rely too much on the perimeter of the end zone for their plays. The windows are tighter down deep so maybe they don't want to force Dak Prescott to make back-line throws as much with so much traffic.

@toddarcher: I'm struggling with this one. Two years ago the Cowboys told us Tyrone Crawford's best position was the three technique and then they rewarded him with a five-year, $45 million deal in 2015. Now they have him back at defensive end. Is it more about what Benson Mayowa hasn't done at defensive end or what Crawford hasn't done at tackle in two games? To me, Rod Marinelli is too finicky at times. He loves guys, then he hates guys. I don't believe Crawford's move to end is permanent. I think it's just the way things are now as they look for their best fits up front. DeMarcus Lawrence will be back in two games, so that should help the pass rush. That should help push Crawford back to tackle full time. At least it should.

@toddarcher: There won't be enough money to keep Terrance Williams. I think he will get a better offer elsewhere and the Cowboys are weighted too heavily to their offense in regards to their salary cap. People might chuckle about Williams getting a bigger deal elsewhere, but if he has a typical season for him I think he will have suitors. So that leaves me with Brice Butler. I think the Cowboys will attempt to keep him, but it won't be for big money. In fact, I think the best way for the Cowboys to handle the receiver position is to draft a guy in the top three rounds next spring. While Dez Bryant will be the No. 1, you always have to think about the future. The Cowboys need to think about youth and speed outside. They can keep Butler and draft a receiver early and be fine.