Party crashers working in pairs

As we inch closer to signing day in November, it’s clear there are going to be a handful of party crashers regarding our class rankings. The Providence Friars and their first-year head coach Ed Cooley crashed the top 10 with Ricardo Ledo (Providence, R.I./South Kent) and Kris Dunn (New London, Conn./New London). It’s been a while since the Friars scored one recruit of that caliber, let alone a pair.

How about Colorado and Houston where second-year head coaches are making waves. Tad Boyle’s program had a pro last year in Alec Burks but hadn’t signed a top 100 player since David Harrison in 2001. The 10-year drought ended with Josh Scott (Monument, Colo./Lewis & Palmer) and got even better when Xavier Johnson (Temecula, Calif./Mater Dei) joined the party.

Have you picked up on a theme yet? Providence, Colorado and Houston crashed the party with not one but a pair of top 100 commitments. These are not programs that had experienced recent recruiting success on this scale. Houston has Danuel House (Sugarland, Tex./Hightower) and Danrad Knowles (Houston, Tex./Home School).

It’s pretty cool to have new programs making their mark. Not everyone embraces change. Boise State football is still fighting perception and for respect. On the hoops side, these three programs now have better ammunition to fight the battles. It’ll be interesting to see which capitalizes on the infusion of talent.