Mitchell commits as Terps start tourney

The ACC Tournament started well for the Maryland Terrapins, even before the game tipped off.

At around 11:45 a.m. ET, big man Charles Mitchell (Marietta, Ga./Wheeler) phoned in his commitment to Mark Turgeon, about an hour before the Terps tipped against Wake Forest.

Florida State, Seton Hall and Tennessee had intentions of signing Mitchell, but Maryland won out.

“Within the last five weeks, Florida came up to three-four games,” Sandra “Peaches” Glass of Mitchell’s travel team said. “Virginia jumped in and Georgia was off and on and off and on.”

Forget who was recruiting Mitchell and let’s focus on what he brings to the table. Mitchell’s always been a productive player in the post. He’s got a knack for finishing and can be counted on to take care of his area. Mitchell is a solid producer and will be a solid backup to Shaquille Cleare (Houston/Village School).

However, there’s one area Mitchell needs to pay particular attention to: he’s always been a big kid in a Sean May kind of way.

“Conditioning will always be a factor but once he gets into a situation where his knees are good he can work on his bounce,” Glass said. “He’s on the track team and it’s not about him trying to win a state title. He’s going to run the mile and do some field events.”

Doug Lipscomb, Wheeler’s coach, watched as Maryland did a September home visit and then Mark Turgeon checked out Mitchell’s games as much as he could.

“I think he has a very big upside,” Lipscomb said. “He can do a lot of things around the basket and the foul line area. As far as rebounding and finishing, he’s good at those things.”