Marcus Lee coming into his own

Marcus Lee (Antioch, Calif./Deer Valley) has the personality to match his talent. The guy’s engaging and a helluva quote. He’s come on strong and to many, it was out of left field.

“I really don’t know what happened,” Lee said. “I just started playing harder at the beginning of my season this year. My coach came to me and said I had to do this now because my team needed me and I had no choice.”

Lee said before this year he had no idea how to play hard or what it meant. A quick study, he bought into his high school coach’s ideals.

“My sophomore year, we had a really big guy and I just had to clean up his mess. Once he was gone, I had to do everything he did.”

This time last year it was the schools in his area, Stanford, San Francisco and VCU that were after him. Now, well, it’s different. “Right now, it’s everybody,” Lee said. “It’s crazy. I’m looking with a big, wide view. I see everything and I’m not cutting anything off.”

Mike Krzyzewski was omnipresent at his games last weekend. “Duke, when they talked to me they’re really excited,” Lee said.

Ditto for Stanford and Cal who are quick learners that Lee is talented and he’s going to be tough to corral, yet worth the effort.