Jefferson tires of calls, tidies up his list

This month, the NCAA opened Pandora’s box and lifted regulations on texting and phone calls to recruits. Ten days into the experiment isn’t enough time to evaluate the effects of unlimited contact between recruits and coaches.

With that said, senior small forward Rondae Jefferson (Chester, Pa./Chester) isn’t a fan. “I don’t think that rule was all that,” Jefferson said. “It’s non-stop phone calls, and nobody wants to go through that. I just want to enjoy basketball.”

Within five minutes of the rule’s implementation, Jefferson had at least 12 missed phone calls and it was only shortly after midnight. Mark down Jefferson, ESPN’s No. 23 senior, as a “no” vote for the new rule.

“I don’t like it in my opinion," he said. "It affects the kids. When a coach gets that number he can (call) non-stop. ‘What are you doing? How are we going to make this work?’ This is the biggest decision of my life.”

Jefferson’s response to the rule was simple: cut his list. In his mind, going into July with a bunch of schools wasn’t a bad thing. After all, the decision is significant. He wanted his options. Not anymore.

On Sunday night, Jefferson trimmed up his list to a more manageable seven schools. The contenders: Arizona, Texas, Florida, Memphis, Temple, Rutgers and Syracuse. Jefferson’s brother, Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson, is a mainstay in the Temple lineup.

Seven schools is still a big number. However, for the senior it’s more manageable and he’s trimmed the fat as much as he could at this stage in the game. Jefferson doesn’t mind the dance, it was the number of partners he had that kept him on his toes.